About MacKenzie

Hopefully, you expect a therapist to be warm, caring, empathetic, and helpful, so I won't emphasize those qualities here. Here are some of what MacKenzie considers to be her more unique features:
  • Nonjudgmental even when not neutral
  • High energy, whimsical, and mirthful
  • Skilled at verbally describing internal decision-making and emotional processes, often with terrible yet effective metaphors
  • Excellent pattern recognition and analytical skills

Educational Chops
MacKenzie has a BA in Political Theory from Scripps College and an MA in Counseling Psychology from John F. Kennedy University.

MacKenzie is proud to have begun her private practice career as an intern with Audrea Butler Acuña at Alameda Counseling Associates.

She began her mental health career with Crisis Support Services of Alameda County. In addition to spending six years on their suicide and crisis hotlines, MacKenzie worked as a therapist for a variety of populations and served as a member of the community education team. To learn more about the services Crisis Support offers, please visit their website

MacKenzie is the Program Manager for a service team that provides case management to adults struggling with poverty, homelessness, and mental health challenges as part of Bay Area Community Services.

MacKenzie is a member of CAMFT, itEast Bay and San Francisco chaptersand Bay Area Open Minds.
Photo of MacKenzie Stuart